Jenny's Communications Center offers options to our clients that big companies can not. We don't believe in paying more for a monthly cell phone bill than what you are using. That's why we offer pre-paid, reputable services for your cell phone service. We match you up to a plan that never limits you but without paying extra for things you don't use.

Stop in to find out how so many people have saved money by switching out of their current service and into one of our pre-paid services.

Jenny’s Party Store is an Authorized Boost Mobile &
Page Plus Dealer for Saginaw, Bay City and Midland.


Service Activations

We have cell phone options for everyone!
Whether you’re sick of being in a contract, trying to save money on your monthly bill or simply need a new phone for your current service, we provide something others don’t – options.

Replacements & Upgrades

We stock Boost Mobile, Pageplus and Verizon phones.  What that means for you?  If you are not eligible for an upgrade with your current contract carrier, you can come in, purchase a phone from us, add it to your account, and Vouala!  You’re all set!

Bill Payment

Need to pay a phone bill? Pay your Page Plus, Boost Mobile and many other cell phone bills here with quickness.

Phone Accessories

Stuck without a phone charger?  We carry high quality phone accessories for all Apple and Android devices including chargers, cases, screen protectors and blue tooth devices.

Simple, Fast, On Time Boost Payments in Saginaw


Looking for a place to pay your cell phone bill?
Boost Mobile, Pageplus, Total Wireless or Selectel, we make paying your phone bill easy.

Boost Mobile Services
Selectel Wireless